Cotivas Island travel guide

While I was searching on the internet “how many islands do the Philippines have” I have come to know about Cotivas Island which is the part of Caramoan Island. Caramoan is one of the famous Philippine Islands which has been consisting of a group of 10 principal Island. Cotivas is one of them. Sadly, I did not found much about Cotivas Island on the internet because not much people have explored the beauty of this place yet. (more…)

Things to do in Caramoan Islands

I wish I had a chance to visit all the Islands of Philippines. Do you know how many islands do the Philippines have? There are more than 7100 Islands are there in the Philippines. Each of them is different and has so much to offer you. Mostly the Islands are known for its beauty only but Philippine Islands are not just beautiful but also has very clean water in which you can jump and enjoy swimming. (more…)