What to do in Cotivas Island?

Do you know about the Cotivas Island of Philippines? I am sure that you know if you are living in the Philippines but unfortunately, for foreigner tourists this Island is unknown. It is a small Island, that’s why the most of the tourist’s companies who sell Philippines tour packages do not include this in their list of the trip. Some people know this Island by the different name while other considers it the part of Caramoan.

You probably won’t find much about Cotivas online. So, if you have never been at Cotivas Island and planning to go there then you must read this article till the end, as I am sharing my experience to visiting this small but beautiful Island of Philippines.

How many islands are in the Philippines?

Do you know how many islands in the Philippines? There are more than 7107 but among them, 7100 has been recognized by the locals and government as rest of 7 is very small. This is why the Philippines is known as the country of Island. Not all of these Philippines Islands are famous. Frankly speaking, no one even remembers and knows that names of all these Islands. Some of these Islands have been recognized by the name of the main city or bigger Island which is located nearby.

Where is Cotivas?

As a traveler, I want to explore all Islands of Philippines, which is actually not impossible if you are adventurous like me. Some of these Islands are very small in size, which means that you can explore dozens of them within a day. While exploring the Philippines Islands, I have come to know about Cotivas Island which is part of Caramoan peninsula and mostly famous by Caramoan name instead of its own.

How to reach Cotivas Island?

I reached to the Cotivas Island by boat from Guinahuan Island. The boat only charged me about 400 Pesos. The whole boat can be book for 2500 Pesos only. This is actually very cheap as compare to traveling one Island to other Island in the Philippines. You can book the whole boat but if you take one side trip, then price if much lower.

Things to do:

Like other Islands of Philippines, Cotivas is a great place to get relaxed. There is not much to do there. So, it is an ideal place for those who want to spend their time at Island and enjoy holidays. For example, you can pick Cotivas for camping; you can do a picnic there with friends and family and have BBQ party etc. It is like you own the whole Island. But if you don’t want to do all these and want to spend few hours there, then Cotivas Island is still a good place to enjoy your day.

If you are an expert and own the equipment then you can catch the fish but if you are not then you have to bring fish from Guinahuan Island for BBQ or from whatever Island you are coming to Cotivas Island. You are allowed to grill your fish there by digging a hole in the group. There are not much available to eat and drink at this Island, so make sure to bring enough of both of them if you are planning to spend your whole day there. You can purchase fresh coconut from the Island. The cost of each coconut is only 20 Pesos. This price also includes its tasty and fresh juice.

No one on Cotivas Island lives. But some locals from nearby Island came here for business purchase which includes selling food to the tourists, fishing and constructing temporary huts for the tourists. You can rent a hut in 100 Pesos which is much cheaper than booking a hut on Islands of Coron.

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