Caramoan Islands Guide

If you are planning to visit the Philippines to spend your holidays or summer vacation then you must be aware of some of the essential information which includes the most common question which visitor asked: “how many islands are in the Philippines?” People asked this question because by knowing the number of Philippines Islands, they could plan better. There are more than 7100 Islands are there. If you have time and money, then you can visit all of them within 3 months by spending few hours in each Island which is actually not possible.

You required a lot of money and time to visit all Islands of Philippines. So, how about a visit to the places where you can visit multiple Islands within a day? Yes, there are many places are there in the Philippines which allow you to get reached to more than 1 Island from the same place. One of the examples is Caramoan Islands. Caramoan Islands is divided into 10-12 Islands. Some of these islands are small like Cotivas Island and other are medium in size. But if you are the one who likes to explore Islands because of their beauty, then you must visit Caramoan Islands.

How to reach Caramoan mainland?

There are two options available to getting there; by plane and by bus. The nearest airport to Caramoan mainland is Naga city airport. It will take you up to 8 hours to reach Caramoan from Naga city airport. Taking a bus at night is a good idea. If you are coming from Manila, then you need to take the bus. You will reach to Caramoan mainland in 4 hours. You can also rent a private car or use private taxi services to reach there but they charge very high price as compare to the bus.

How to reach Caramoan Islands?

To reach any Island of Caramoan, you need to take a mini boat ride. The price of these rides depends on the distance but typically it starts from 25 Pesos per person. The quality of boat also can raise the price of this rise. For example, if you take a boat ride in the new boat, then boatman will charge you bit higher as compare to those who has old boats etc. Getting boat ride can be difficult sometimes, especially in the season. So, it is a better idea to book return ride in advance so you can reach back to your hotel at a time without waiting for the boat.

Things to do at Caramoan Islands?

There are many tourist companies who are offering different types of activities which include snorkeling, hiking, islands hopping, caving and roping etc. But you can come up with your own activities too. For example Island like Cotivas has an excellent environment for a picnic and arranges BBQ party for friends and family. Even you can enjoy it if you are coming alone or with your partner.

Food and drinks are not really available on Islands of Caramoan except coconut water. So, you need to bring your own drinks and food there. Bringing fish is the best idea. You can also catch fresh fish from the beach. There are different types of fishes there on all beaches of Caramoan Islands.

How much it cost?

Cost depends that how much you are willing to spend. But the price to enjoy all these activities cost 2000 Pesos per person per day. But if you are coming in a group, then you can surely save a lot of money. This price only includes the cost of boat rides, food, drinks, entrance fee, and taxes etc.

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